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“I will.”

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives, it is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”



It’s funny how the phrase “OH My God”, is used in every situation, good, bad, happy or sad. It’s a cry out at the moment that you may hear, feel or see something. Your adrenaline is high, like being at the end of a bungee cord or the back of a Harley Davison doing about 280mph. You scream.”OH MY GOD”. Where does this effect or even define the phrase? It works in mysterious ways. Whether it comes from heavens above, “I don’t know”, It’s like you are expecting something to change no matter what it lies on. Life and death are the majority, stand tall until you break down then cry out for forgiveness and a prayer of silence. It’s that moment you know somebody that’s close to you that needs help. “oh my God”, what can I do, you ask yourself. Things work in mysterious ways, Believe Hope and Faith: things will be taken care of and you won’t realize what had happened, maybe it’s a coincidence. It is something you will think about from time to time, telling your grandkids the story over and over again. And all that time you get caught up in telling the story, with your kids knobbing their heads up and down agreeing with you, saying “thank God granny it’s funny you were there. That story goes from generation to generation, see how that works? “Mysteriously”


The Dishwasher.

When people are in need of help, you help, whatever you can do to make their life a little bit easier. Whether it’s a bag of groceries, some warm blankets that they borrowed for a cold night, or just a ride to work. I’m in the restaurant business, and I close the place just about every night, it’s cool, but I have one situation. “My dishwasher”, he’s riding his bike to work. He had a car, but it broke down, so now he rides his bike; rain sleet or cold, and his better days are when it’s nice. That’s not the problem, the problem is that he’s seventy plus years old…, and being in the restaurant business, “you need a dishwasher”, rain, sleet or cold. He’s riding to his first job in the morning, then back home to take a nap, then heads toward me for his second job. Waiting for the mailman is a different story; rain, sleet, or snow, at least you know you’re getting a check, not I, I”m waiting and hoping he’s ok.., He’s “My Dishwasher”. So every night he’s riding his bike into work, or I go get him. While he’s finishing up and the dish room, I’m unlocking his bike, riding it to my truck, dealing with the juxtaposition to get the bike in the truck and close it for a warm safe ride home. I go back in, take all the garbage out, grab the floor mats and head back to the office to finish my work so we can get out of there! Don’t get me wrong, sometimes he finishes before me, that just because I did all his work for him. At the end of the night, I get him and his bike home. It”s what your suppose to do. I help people who one needs and need the people that I help. , in life, it’s not so much about improving your life but to be important in someone else’s life.
It’s created some type of bond, you find out about things you never knew about that person. I pull up to his house, unlatch the back of the truck, take the bike out, and put the kickstand down. While I’m doing all of this, he’s just getting out of the truck. Walks around to the back where I am, shakes my hand, and says “.God Bless You”, and Thank you. “No, thank you,  The  Dishwasher.


My Conception.

I’m not a quitter. I failed, and to be successful you will fail once or maybe twice. It’s an incompletion registered on your manifest. You thrive to the best of your ability to make it a full completion to be successful on your next assignment. Never look back, if its dark use the moon to guide you, follow the stars that will enlighten you and continue to move on. Unfold naturally and demand one day at a time, where it becomes common, so prevalent that you realize life is not so much of a struggle. Keep your dreams real, be completely engaged with what you are doing, staying focus and hungry will extend your accomplishments in life. Never look back, don’t ever quit, the stars are too bright they will shine in your darkest moments. Mistakes are allowed in life, correcting them will be the author that defines hidden forces which only you can discover by just living. Improve yourself on the worst and floatation of acceptance will be a tremendous bundle of experience.

“Label it.”

“Label it.”
Your intention is to be the best at what you do, and more importantly pride. People will acknowledge your ambition were you will have the vision to seek out goals to be successful.
Being the best. That label, that title, will hold a legacy that will inspire the next generation. Be who you are, and that’s the best. Nobody else, you can’t roll with them. Somebody else is too many people, and everybody else is out trying to destroy what you have or what you are trying to accomplish. So whether its a doctor, a judge, politician or even the president or the Rolling Stones, just be the best at what you do. I m not saying these are the best jobs, I’m saying be the best at what you do!. “I got it”. Part-2 Being the best: so when someone mentions your profession or your type of field, your name is adaptable to the conversation just think about that, your ultimate goal is to get there you legacy goal is to stay there. So when you move on, mark it with a dated posted stamp that reads “History”. You may fail a few times on this long journey of being the best, but as long as your best is consistently being done the way you did it, you will be considered one of the best. Respectively best at what you do people will always remember that.


“It seems so real.”

Dreams are an illusion of your mind, slowly thinking of things that you’ve been though, who wronged you and made you cry, to keep you sleeping until you awake, yawn and wipe the sleep out of your eyes. You’re still asleep though, because it’s not over, instead you turn over to enjoy that comfortable spot. You take that sigh, letting out a deep breathe so your whole body adjusts to your comfort. Now that penetrating deep sleep  sets in. You feel so good; you are smiling in your sleep. Dream on because your feet are cold from the deep narrow river you’ve been crossing. You’re too weak to swim, your arms won’t move but you continue, with fear, through this bloodcurdling river full of grit and rocks. Your destiny is near, but “thy not done with you yet, who is not sleeping feels your pain.” You shake and moan trying to talk, but nobody’s listening or they don’t hear you. It’s cool though because everybody giving dap, love, hugs with smile and kisses. It’s strange to have no objective reality, it seems so real and for your sake, which imagination will wake you? Are you ready to finish this journey or are you willing to rest where you are? Time doesn’t stop, it’s humans that split their soul from clay. But you’re comfortable, you had this bed for over twenty years. It’s supposed to last forever, that’s what you paid for, the right motion that suits you. For you to get a good night sleep so you can focus and perform your job duties the next day. It’s night again and your whole day has been successful. You’ve been promoted to CEO at your job and shook a lot of hands, including people you haven’t seen in years. Giving out a lot of fist bumps, love, hugs, laughter and cries. Dreams are imaginations that make things seem so real, so real, that when you wake up, you find that it’s your creation, you do it all, one day at a time.  The fresh air cleared up your thoughts, a time where the bright sun bling your vision and the feeling to be loved, are you dreaming?
“Good, Rest in Peace Night.”


“Stay Sharpe”.

It’s a wonderful feeling to be alive: I know things could be worse! Not knowing when your time is up, it’s time to live. Fulfill your life, dodge adversity, be blessed for yesterday and pray for tomorrow. We’re all different in this world and were created for us to have an imagination for our own glamorous destination.  A destination that’s far beyond our beliefs, to think big with successful notes. Have courage to take risks, acknowledge the fact that defeat is not and won’t be your last standing. Stand strong, look knowledgeable and have faith in your life.  People will be people, accept them for who they are and don’t judge them on their wants but help them with their needs. it will hold a lot of respect for gospel later. It  will require your full attention and rapid responses at your own cost. The feeling will be wonderful – just think of it as a RandomActOfKindness. As you get older they say “age is just a number,” it doesn’t matter, half of your life is the past. Now walk the path for the rest of your life.  Live it the way you lived it to get this far. Not to engage in faulty behavior but to employ good business acts with the intend to be successful in life. Have knowledge, wisdom and an open mind to keep all options open.  

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